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關於我們 About Us

專業提供 Dedicated to Quality


我們提供高品質的茶飲、咖啡、自家烘培點心輕食與東海岸藝術家手作藝品. 歡迎您前來一同在山與海之間享受閒暇的生活

We pride ourselves on providing high quality tea and coffee and handmade goods. Come take a rest and enjoy the view.

事件 Events



With access to the grounds at the East Coast Visitor Center we can  accommodate both large and small groups with custom dishes, live music and private events. From time to time we also will host performances and  exhibitions at our cafe.

位置 Location



Our cafe is on  the bottom floor of the East Coast Visitor Center in Duli, Taitung. Outside there is an expansive view of the Pacific and several land art works on the large lawns for you to enjoy at your leisure.